‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Update: New Car and Customization Option Added


"Grand Theft Auto V" fans are now rejoicing because the Progen Itali GTB Custom from Benny's Original Motor Works shop has been added to the game. It a good-looking car that has stunning speed, makes tight turns easy and end up making the task of defeating opposing racers an easy task.

According to Game Rant, the Progen Itali GTB Custom first comes to "Grand Theft Auto V" with a color of neon lime-green but gamers can edit the appearance to whatever they please. In fact, every detail from the engine performance to interior design of the car can be customized. There is a reason why it has been called car that's endlessly customizable.

According to Game Spot, a new weekly sale on several items was also announced for "Grand Theft Auto V." A whopping 50% off on grenade launchers, 25% off on engine performance upgrades, 25% off on special vehicle warehouse renovations & special cargo warehouses, 25% more $GTA on vehicle export, 25% off on all masks and 25% off on several items such as body armor, ammo, throwables and explosive weapon ammo.

According to PC Magazine, self-driving cars are now available to be used in "Grand Theft Auto V." Before, players need to have a gig at a major auto maker to have progress in it until now. DeepDrive project repurposed "GTA V" into a self-driving car simulator. Players will automatically have a universal agent after purchasing the game and the agent can actually drive in difficult situations like horrible weather conditions and horrendous traffic.

Sony recently announced "Grand Theft Auto V" became such a hit last year that it became the number 6 most downloaded game of 2016. Check out this review of "Grand Theft Auto V" and find out why more than 70 million copies have been shipped since its release three years ago:

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