'Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim' Neat Tips and Tricks When Exploring The World Of Skyrim [VIDEO]


Exploring of the big world of Skyrim in "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" is dangerous to players as they might meet an untimely demise, which slows down the process of the game leading to frustration. However, with few neat tips and tricks may help every player, especially the beginners to continue moving forward to every level.

Inability to move over to the next level of the game is pretty much frustrating and spoils the experience. To better enjoy the exceptional gaming experience, keep these neat tips and tricks in mind in exploring the world of Skyrim.

Don't forget to save the game

As previously reported by Game Spot, saving the game from time to time is very important as you may not know what will happen while exploring the dungeons of Skyrim. This will save time and frustration.

Use or sell the loots

Massive loots are tempting that players get overwhelmed and end up picking every loot they encounter. Too much loot may slow down the game so, if you have picked up too much, don't forget to use or sell but save some potions and soul gems for the difficult battles.

Learn to be patient

Wait for few hours to heal and replenish magicka and stamina after each every major encounter especially when the next enemies are not too close.

Increase skills by reading books

There are about 200 books and scrolls across the province of Tamriel. Those unique books amounting to greater than 50 golds can be used to further enhance your skills. 

Listen to the locales of Skyrim

The locales and guards may have some useful information that can be used in the quest so make sure to keep an open ear as overhearing conversation may help you add an objective.

Always keep a digital Emergen-C packets

According to Digital Trends, these potions will help in restoring character to its healthy state as the Skyrim Transmitted Disease is sometimes unavoidable.

Eat everything to increase knowledge of alchemy

Alchemy's traits are revealed after eating the first alchemy ingredient. More traits will be unlocked per ingredient after brewing potions and investing talents into the Alchemy tree.

Hire a companion

Companions are important in the icy tundra and lushy forest but if the last companion happens to meet his untimely death, players can hire thugs at the inns and taverns scattered within the city.

Acquire a Horse

Invest in a horse for faster movement and quick mountain climbing and also allow easy escape when surrounded by enemies.

Be careful when managing Favorites menu

Add the mostly used items in the Favorites menu and create a custom name for enchanted or created items for easy access and quick use.

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