'Sea of Thieves' Co Op Features Explained; Can it Hold Microsoft's Exclusive Lineup?


Players for the upcoming "Sea of Thieves" need to communicate and work with each other to succeed, just like what real pirates do, explains the game's senior designers. Meanwhile, players will be pleased that this game is included in Microsoft's Xbox One exclusives list.

Developers Explain Co Op Features

"Sea of Thieves" developer Rare explains that pirating is something done by a crew, which means players must be thick as thieves in this game's co-op feature, Destructoid reported. One example would be how the player steering at the bridge should communicate effectively with the player navigating.

Another good example is how each of the crew should do their jobs accordingly when looting treasures to make sure other pirates will not take advantage of their plunder. While they are running with the treasure chest, other pirates can easily take it away from them. This means, supporting and protecting each other is an important element in the co-op feature of "Sea of Thieves."

Players around the ship and those that are in the crow's nest should tell the leader what they see, to alarm him or her of any dangers that are in the vast and wonderful world. This type of team work is also greatly needed when it comes to something as mundane as stopping at ports to something as exciting as fighting other ships.

According to the developers, players shouldn't be stationed to a single role during the whole duration of the gameplay. This way, all of the players can enjoy the game as much as they can without neglecting the co-op feature.

Can it Hold Microsoft's Exclusive Lineup?

Meanwhile, a lot of Xbox One fans were very disappointed that "Scaleboiund" was cancelled, Game Rant reported. But others are still looking forward to the rest of the exciting games that are listed as Xbox One exclusives, which includes "Sea of Thieves." Other games to expect in 2017 include "Crackdown 3" and "Halo Wars 2."

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