Nintendo Switch Specs Make It Standout Among Other Consoles [VIDEO]


Base on the latest leaks and news about the Nintendo Switch, experts are certain that the console will be able to beat the others and standout. Even the NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is all praises about the console.

After the specs were leaked, many think that the Nintendo Switch will not be able to overpower its competitors. Many believe that the type of architecture used in Switch isn't good enough. However, NVIDIA's CEO pointed out that the Switch is a console and everything inside it will make the entire experience to be very Nintendo.

In addition, Jen-Hsun Huang said that the company is focused on delivering their users an amazing experience in gaming, surprising yet safe for young players especially the children, Game Spot reported. The simple specifications of the Nintendo Switch is actually an advantage as its game development will not require large budget according to Forbes.

The gaming industry is currently facing large unsustainable budgets in developing games but with the Switch, Nintendo will be able to defy the odds. The Nintendo Switch will cross the border between traditional home console and handheld.

Meanwhile, reports have already confirmed that the Switch will run the NVIDIA technology but the exact architecture used was not mentioned. Recently, reports seem to confirm that the Switch will use the NVIDIA Maxwell Graphics processing technology. The Maxwell architecture is a new design for the multi-streaming processor that could dramatically improve the energy efficiency.

For more details of the features and specifications of the Nintendo Switch, better tune in to the Nintendo Switch event on Jan. 12. Nintendo is also expected to reveal the price and launch date along with the demo and revelation of the official game titles for the Switch.

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