The Best Colleges and Universities That Pay Less Attention To Test Scores [Video]


It's college admissions season again and if you're dreading this time and worrying if the university of your choice will admit you or not, or if you're worried applications will get rejected because of lousy SAT scores, you should know that there are universities and colleges that does not give that much emphasis on test results.

Money magazine reported that one out of 6 American students struggle with standardized tests which are critical prerequisites to college admissions. There is however a growing trend among universities, including top-ranking colleges, that pays less attention to these test scores when it comes to evaluating applicants and have made test-scores submissions optional for students.

The Wall Street Journal recently released a list of schools included in the WSJ/THE College Rankings located in the southern United States that gives student applicants the option of not submitting their SAT or ACT scores.

These colleges and universities include Wake Forest University, George Washington University and Furman University among others.

Dr. Elizabeth Stone, who wrote an article on the subject, cautioned however that there is no standard and official definition of 'test-optional' among colleges and universities so student applicants should also pay attention to any additional or substitute requirements these schools might have.

Some schools require for Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test results in place of SATs and ACTs. While some schools allow test-optional admissions to in-state students only. Others may also ask for additional essay tests, evaluate subjects taken in high school and require students to have attained a certain level or grade requirement.

Dr. Stone says it can get challenging too so she strongly recommends checking with the school and suggests these 6 guide questions to students:

  1. "Am I qualified for test-test optional application?"

  2. "Is it really 'test-optional' or do I still need to take a test and submit scores?"

  3. "Are there extra requirements?"

  4. "How will my application be evaluated and what takes the place of the test score?"

  5. "Can I be admitted without test scores and what are my chances?"

  6. "Will not submitting test scores affect getting financial aid?"

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