NVIDIA Shield Portable Controller Now Made Smaller; NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 Possible Release [VIDEO]


The NVIDIA Shield, now called Shield Portable, has just received updates and upgrades which include the obvious change on its controller, along with the upgrade on the supported Apps.

The Xbox-like console could have been powerful but with the controller that is so bulky it spoils the best gaming experience. There have been complaints regarding the controller and so NVIDIA decided to make some change. The new Shield Portable is now made to have a smaller controller that will ensure better gaming experience.

Although the Shield controller is now smaller, NVIDIA made sure that it remains as powerful as it was with the use of same processing and graphics along with the same connections like HDMI and USB. However, the SD card slot has been removed so if the users want a bigger storage, they buy the 500GB Pro or use a USB or NAS, CNET reported.

Now, to fully satisfy its users, NVIDIA has also added new applications to the NVIDIA Shield Portable and that included the Amazon Video and 360 YouTube Video so to be able to see the view in every action.

The Shield Portable may have been upgraded to the next level, but new reports about the listing of the Shield Portable 2 in FCC is now making rounds throughout the internet. The image of the console showed a different design as it now looks like a tablet that is directly connected to a controller as if mobile gaming, Digital Trends reported.

There is no official launch made, which was believed to be due to the recent release of the Shield Android TV, but those people who saw the FCC listing are optimistic about the future release of the NVIDIA Shield Portable 2. Reports suggest that a release could still be possible.

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