Steps On How To Take Better Photos With Your Android Phone [Video]


There has been much contention about the importance of megapixels, optical stabilization and zoom when taking pictures with an Android phone. However, it does not necessarily follow that having the best equipment will give great results.

Having a great kitchen does not automatically equate that good food will come out of it. This correlates to taking great pictures. Below are just some tips to consider on taking that frame worthy snapshot from your Android phone.

Learn how your equipment works - Knowing how your phone takes your pictures is just as important as pointing it towards a subject and clicking. Explore its different settings and see the effects of each to give you a visual idea what works and what does not, according to AndroidCentral.

Keep the camera lens clean - The most basic of all, check your camera lenses for smudges before snapping those pictures. Having dirty lenses spell the difference between having clear pictures to having smudgy ones.

Pay close attention to lighting - Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. The amount of light has a direct effect on how colors, contrast, and sharpness look on a photograph. It is, therefore, imperative to check light sources and the direction of light to capture a stunning snapshot.

Avoid using flash - Remember that your phone's camera flash is physically next to your camera lenses. That actually defeats the purpose of taking pictures in low light conditions for it can give glare.

Avoid using digital zoom - The simple rationale is that your phone camera does not operate the same way as a normal camera would, according to Digital Trends. A normal camera would have a lens that physically projects outward when zoomed. Phones, however, manipulate the photo by enlarging the subject simulating zoom and losing resolution and fidelity in the process.

Get a better camera app - Built in camera apps usually offer only the basics and that should not limit you from trying out other camera apps that offer a wider range of choices for snapshots.

Study great photos and recreate them - using examples and experimenting to come up with results that are closest to your preferred shot would be beneficial.

The video below provides other tips that can be considered that can help anyone take fabulous photos by using just a smartphone.

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