SK Hynix 8 GB DDR4X Chip To Power Upcoming Smartphones, Laptops, Automotive Electronics


SK Hynix has finally unveiled its 8GB DDR4X chip that is set to power the upcoming smartphones in the tech industry. In an announcement made this week, SK Hynix tipped that the integration of its 8GB DDR4X modules will be in great demands as it will be used en masse in 2017 flagship phones.

It can be recalled that SK Hynix, is a pioneer in making memory chips since it created the first 1GB DDR3 mobile RAM chip in 2013. According to the company, the new 8 GB DDR4X RAM chip used four dual-channel 16 Gb (Gigabit) chips to create the 8 GB package and claims that it consumes 20 percent less power than competing LPDDR4 modules, as the data input/output can run at 0.6V compared to the 1.1V standard, Android Authority reported.

The source also added that SK Hynix's DDR4X modules are 30 percent smaller in physical size compared to other DDR4 packages, measuring less than 1 millimeter in thickness. The resulting combo package takes less space than current mobile chips and creates 20% more power efficient, Phone Arena has learned.

News about the chips' integration to Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 may seem a little bit too much, according to reports. Tech writers are skeptical about it since Galaxy S8 and iPhone devices are traditionally conservative with RAM amounts, however, they are also hoping that there might be a unique OLED model that might come up anytime soon just to make all these things possible.

All these remain speculations as of the moment since there are no clear announcements yet about the first mobile product to make use of SK Hynix's new  high-density chip, although the company is also planning its DRAM applications to be brought not just to smartphones but also to high-end laptops and automotive electronics.

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