Sony Flaunts Cool New Patterns of 2nd Generation E-ink FES Watches


The Japanese company Sony has wowed again fashion enthusiasts as it showed off new models of its second generation version of E-ink Fashion Entertainments (FES) Watch during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This time Sony's FES watch comes with different patterns and colors, which captivated Sony FES watch followers and fans.

Noticeably, the new device is thinner compared to its predecessor. It can be recalled that the first generation of FES watches saw release in Japan only, via a crowdfunding campaign and this time it will be invading the West, Phone Arena reported.

Aside from being sleek and trendy, FES watches stray from its original lineup of colors that is black and white designs only. It now gives consumers palette of colors including blue, brown and gray, while letting users apply and mix the patterns on both the time face and wrist band in just a whim.

FES Watch uses low-power e-paper technology that with just one tap, a user can change the visual appearance of the watch, Android Community reported. The source added that FES Watch offers users the opportunity to change not only the watch face, but even the pattern on the strap as well.

Because it uses e-ink, it will also give two years of battery life. Sounds magical but it does not end there, FES Watches also is waterproof to boot. Reviews claimed that because it is so thin, it feels nothing on your wrist while wearing the device.

Although there is no definite date yet as to when Sony would launch this device in the West, fans are hoping that the company will eventually bring it to a greater market since it was being displayed at CES for everyone to see. It can be recalled that last year the device never went outside Japan and only went to a limited production and sale.

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