'GTA 5' Online To Receive Amazing News & Updates, Rockstar Games Might Plan For 'GTA 6'


Developer Rockstar Games is making sure that it's the action adventure online mode game "GTA 5" Online will still get more interesting for the players. Rockstar Games this week announced that it will keep updating the game.

GTA 5 Online To Receive More Updates

According to The Express, Rockstar Games will continue to add some important updates for its "GTA 5" Online. Rockstar Games has recently released adversary mode called Vehicle Vendetta along with the import/export DLC. The next big update will be a new jaw-dropping downloadable contents (DLC), which is slated to arrive next week, Jan. 18.

The "GTA 5" developer is reportedly gearing up to add the Progen Itali GTB Custom to its current selection of vehicles. However, the player will need to shell out more than $1million in-game currency to be able to get their hands on this gorgeous two-door supercar.

"GTA 5" tipster @FoxySnaps has shared an image of the 6 upcoming vehicles on Twitter. The image has stirred conversations among GTA fans that have been restlessly waiting for the tipster to reveal the vehicles' release date.

Four of the six vehicles shown in the shared image, which include the Truffade Nero, the Pfister Comet, the Principe Diablous and the Pegassi FCR 1000, are already up for grabs in the game. This might also indicate that the image shared on Twitter is legitimate.

In addition, the new update is likely to include a new adversary mode called "Pointless". However, the mode requires is said to require players to accumulate as many points as they can in order to win the game.

Rockstar Games Might Introduce Female Characters On GTA 6

Rumors are rife on the web that Rockstar Games will be featuring a female character in the upcoming "GTA 6" storyline. A female character could be useful and might open up new possibilities in terms of crafting the open world storyline for the upcoming sequel, "GTA 6."

Another possible change that might see in the "GTA 6" gameplay is the inclusion of a first-person mode, according to PC Advisor. But has been expected already by the players as the first-person mode was already added as an option for "GTA 5" players. So expect "GTA 6" to use the first-person mode as the standard mode of play for the upcoming game.

There's also reports about the possible addition of a new vehicle, new terrains and the most exciting of all, new drones. Rockstar Games has recently introduced the new Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle along with a new adversary mode Vehicle Vendetta, so this might be possible as Rockstar are eager to introduce more additional features and vehicles on board.

As with the "GTA 6" release date, Rockstar Games has yet to announce their official words about their plans for "GTA 6." But a recent N4BB report speculates that "GTA 6" might not come until 2020.

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