Amazon CES 2017: Amazon Alexa Starts World Domination At CES, Automotive Industry Next Target [Video]


Amazon's Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant that launched with the smart speaker Amazon Echo, has made the biggest hit for the e-commerce giant since it moved into the cloud computing business with the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Alexa has completely obliterated its competitors at the 2017 CES event and is poised to make an even bolder -- world domination.

After CES 2017 Event Conquest, The World 

Amazon Alexa has just conquered 2017 CES event, the big tech show in Las Vegas, and now, its next pit stop, is the world. The personal assistant has made one of the biggest tech headlines this year, according to Investopedia. Amazon Alexa has completely dominated the voice-command tech space at CES 20-17 event, jumping out ahead of rivals such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri in what is shaping up as the next big thing in the tech industry.

Amazon Alexa is everywhere at 2017 CES event, according to Engadget. The voice-activated agent has shown up at CES 2017 in full force and has even picked more friends in the high tech world, including Ford, Whirlpool, Dish Network, Huawei, Hyundai, Mattel, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and ADT.

Many people have witnessed the methodical rise of Alexa at CES 2016. The disembodied intelligent personal assistant has begun its long journey to stardom with products from startups, including item finder vendor TrackR and Bluetooth vendor Invoxia. And that was all before Alexa' starts its world invasion at CES this year. it's massive presence at the recent CES 2017 event have caused some media and tech pundits to proclaim it as the winner of the voice technology wars.

Amazon is currently using intelligent personal assistant Alexa to boost its e-commerce presence and enhance products like Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV. Voice command technology are getting too much buzz these days. The fast-growing tech allows hands-free control of any smart home devices. Amazon has been pushing its Alexa to other smart devices throughout the smart home to create a broader ecosystem.

Amazon Alexa Next Target: The Automotive Industry

It's officially confirmed, according to Engadget, Amazon Alexa is now coming into the automotive world, starting with two major deals. First with the American company Ford and then with the German auto giant Volkswagen.As part of their connected car efforts, Volkswagen has announced Alexa integration for their cars, providing their vehicles with weather updates, navigation and more. This means that the German will gain full access to everything the Amazon Echo can do, but the automakers can also be built its own skill to enable a handful of features.

In addition to Volkswagen, Ford is also joining the Alexa bandwagon. The American manufacturer has just announced plans to equip its vehicles with Amazon Alexa. The company revealed it plans to roll out its new Alexa integration later this month. The integration with Amazon Alexa means that Ford owners will be able to control their cars remotely by speaking to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

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