The Secrets To Success As Told By Former Vogue Editor Elizabeth Saltzman


A successful career starts somewhere. For former Vogue editor, Elizabeth Saltzman, she folded clothes at a retail store and worked at nightclubs in the evenings.

Now, Elizabeth Saltzman is known for dressing up celebrities like Gwyneth Platrow and Uma Thurman, and she is a consultant to famous designers and brands.

This fashion editor said that her glamorous output comes from a not-so glamorous work life. She details that there are many months where she has not seen a weekend from working too hard, as reported by Business Insider.

But what are her secrets to success? Here are her career advice secrets:

1. Working hard does not mean working longer. Working more hours is not working hard. Be more and be there for people, instead.

2. Listen to what people do and do not want.

3. Be ready for anything.

4. Do not try to be perfect. Saltzman's advice is to be human.

5. Make the most of travel time. In her line of work, she always travels. She uses the time on the plane and think about non-work things. If it is never about work, her priority is always being home.

6. Do not like what you are doing? Do something else. Saltzman explains that if one is unhappy, then he needs to make a choice.

7. Become a role model. She points to her mother as being her role model. She was the fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue and a pioneer of women wearing power suits.

8. Take a vacation at least once a year. Take some time off and disconnect in order to connect better at work.

9. Keep your wardrobe simple. Clean hair, skin and a big smile works. Wearing comfortable shoes, jacket and jewelry does wonders too.

10. Have a life while still young.

11. Do not fake your health. Rather than wearing Spanx, get some exercise instead.

12. Regrets are a waste of time.

13. Give back. Saltzman gives back by raising funds for the Robin Hood Foundation, as reported by Vanity Fair.

14. Lastly, be grateful.

Want some more career advice from Elizabeth Saltzman? Check out this video clip from DUCK below:

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