Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8: A Look At Which Smartphone Is Better Despite No Release Date


Samsung and Apple have both announced their flagship smartphones for this year. As early as now, fans have been making Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8 comparisons despite both are not yet scheduled for release until later this year.

The design portion of the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8 is an important part. According to Apple Insider, both smartphones will ditch the home button, which is easier on an iPhone because Android has default support for a virtual onscreen home button. The S8 will feature the Samsung logo at the bottom bezel under the display, which means no home button like the one found in the S7. The iPhone 8 is reported to embed Touch ID within the display and use its "Taptic" feedback technology to simulate the feeling of pressing a home button without the presence of a physical button.

According to Forbes, an image was released of the Samsung Galaxy S8 so that fans get a glimpse of what to expect in the battle between the two giants. The image proves the flagship phone of Samsung this year has slimmer top and bottom bezels. The image does not give fans a sense of scale which is frustrating. Fans should not trust the leaked image though because it could just be the work of graphic designers.

According to 9to5mac, the iPhone 8 has the advantage in safety for the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8 comparison because it will adopt the glass front and back design like the iPhone 4 ande 4s. The idea comes from the fact that the new Jet Black iPhone 7 has been really popular with users because of its glossy finish, and glass that makes it scratch-proof. It is also expected to have new color variants: dark blue and red.

Check out the trailer for the Samsung Galaxy S8 featuring all the rumors about this year's most anticipated smartphone:

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