Samsung Presents Odyssey - It's First Gaming Laptop: What We Know So Far


Samsung presented Odyssey, its first gaming laptop on January 5 during the 2017 CES event. Here are the details we know so far.

Odyssey Specs

Samsung has unveiled the Odyssey portable gaming laptop in two sizes which is around 15 inches and 17 inches respectively. Its aesthetic looks clearly indicate its capabilities as a gamer's hardware. It's powered by an Intel Core i7 Quad-core processor, according to the Samsung Newsroom. This is to ensure users that both models can deliver fast pace and breathtaking graphics.

The laptop's screens are has backlight 300 nits for the 17" and 280 nits for the 15". The Odyssey also has an anti-glare feature that keeps gamers playing without being distracted by reflections. The laptop's screen also delivers HDR quality. The smaller unit features a WASD key with a LED BACKLIT and curved keycaps. The 17-inch on the other hand has the Volcano Keycap with a customized RGB LED colored keys.

The 15 inch model can have up to 32GB of RAM while the 17-inch can accommodate up to 64GB. Both models feature at least 1TB of hard disk space. The smaller Odyssey model carries the NVIDIA GTX1050 graphic card, according to Tweaktown. For its size and capabilities, it's quite light. The 15-inch only weighs 2.5 kg while the 17-inch is almost 4kg. The ports include a microphone, LAN and HDMI. The smaller sized model has a two USB 2.0 ports and a single 3.0 port. Meanwhile the bigger model has four USB 3.0 ports and a Type-C Thunderbolt3. The 15-inch model has a battery consumption of 43 watts per hour while the bigger one has can expend around 93 watts per hour.

HexaFlow Vent

The Odyssey gaming laptop has a unique feature that Samsung is proud of. The hardware is equipped with HexaFlow Vent to keep it cooled and well ventilated. The system is located at the bottom and allows players countless hours of gameplay without fear of overheating.

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