Energous Wireless Charger Didn't Materialize, But Could Come To Future Apple iPhones [Report]


Energous, a startup that specializes in RF waves to charge devices even from a distance, failed to deliver wireless charging technology that it promised back in 2015. The non-delivery was attributed to a business partnership that didn't push through.

The startup had to take its promise back until partnership deal with an anonymous company is signed. Energous CEO Steve Rizzone didn't disclose which company they're supposed to partner with, but confirmed that it is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, The Verge reported.

There have been reports that says Apple is the anonymous prospect partner. If this is the case, it will be a key strategic partnership. It is even predicted that Energous' wireless chargers could be one of the iPhones' future features.

The speculation about an Apple- Energous partnership surfaced after the startup entered into a deal with Apple's long-time chip supplier, Dialog Semiconductor, Apple Insider reported. Energous needs to partner with companies that will use their transmitters to smatphone devices. After signing a deal with Dialog it becomes possible that future iPhones will feature. Reports suggest this could first materialize with the upcoming iPhone 8.

To make wireless charging happens, Energous' partners will have to include in their products the WattUp transmitter and receiver. The transmitter can beam RF waves to a device that includes a WattUp receiver for seamless charging. This technology can cover up to 15 feet and users will not have to walk toward the charging dock to re-charge their devices. 

However, this wireless charging technology is not yet ready to roll out as Energous will have to wait for devices that is compatible with their wireless chargers. So, for now, Energous will use the traditional wireless charger which uses wireless charging pads which is expected to materialize later this year. 

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