Panasonic GH5 Micro: Mirrorless Camera; New Processor More Powerful, Brings Refined Algorithms For Better Image Quality


The unveiling of Panasonic's Lumix GH5 has enticed professional photographers and videographers to visit CES and see firsthand the size and specifications of this seemingly beefed up GH4 camera. Although many see it as the same with its predecessor, but the only similarities they both actually have is only the battery as it is using the same as GH4.

As far as reports have claimed, their similarities only stop from there. Infact, GH5 is now 13 percent bigger than the GH4 and now freeze proof, in addition to the dust and splash-proofing offered on previous models, The Verge reported. While it is still a Micro Four Third sensor, the company has bumped the resolution up to 20.3 megapixel.

Other upgraded features of GH5 include its OLED electronic viewfinder, which now have a magnification of 3.68 million dots and 0.76 magnification. It can be noted that Micro Four Thirds cameras have lagged behind their APS -C and full-frame brethren when it comes to sensor resolution. With the brand-new image sensor and processor of GH5, it now promises image quality which the company says is unprecedented in the history of Lumix cameras, Imaging Source reported.

Among the algorithms used by Panasonic for better quality image are Multipixel Luminance Generation, Intelligent Detail Processing Three-Dimensional Color Control and High-Precision Multi Process NR. All these bring new results for GH5's performance boasting even more its Venus Engine image processor that brought huge upgrade in the granularity of autofocus points to GH5 and sporting a whopping 225 autofocus points. Sources added that Panasonic GH5 now can focus even faster than before with the new processor.

Lumix GH5 can also perform effective multi-frame noise reduction even when there is subject motion, analyze surrounding frames, and perform rolling shutter distortion correction when panning without even changing the angle of view, sources added. With the cameras upgraded features and specifications there is no doubt GH5 could lure professional photographers and videographers to its lair adding to the fact that it is one of the highest-resolution on the market today.

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