Nvidia GeForce Now To Power High-Performance PC Gaming Anywhere [Video]


Nvidia is extending its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to PC. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made the big announcement during Nvidia's CES 2017 press conference, the annual tech trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang described the company's video game streaming service as a basic GeForce gaming PC on demand service and added that it was designed primarily for people who didn't any access to a high-end gaming PC or those who didn't have the inclination to build the machine, TechCrunch reported.

Getting started is quite easy, gamers will only need to download a small client and then it's up and running. Installing the small cloud-based Nvidia application and starting games should only take a few seconds. Nvidia simply offloads the processing of games from the gamer's PC to its data centers and then it send back to gamer's PC.

Nvidia GeForce Now Pricing and Availability

The Nvidia GeForce cloud gaming service will be available for a $25 monthly subscription fee for 20 hours of gaming play, The Verge reported earlier.

According to Nvidia, when gamers sign up for Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service, they can play for free for 4 hours on a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080-powered PC and 8 hours on a GeForce GTX 1060-equipped PC0 PC. An additional $25 will allow gamers to have 20 hours playing time on a GTX 1060-powered PC and 10 hours for Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080-powered PC.

There will be also an option for multiple GPU tiers to users, with streams that offer more advanced graphics, but this will cost more. This comparatively expensive price may put gamers off Nvidia GeForce Now, but the service will become one of the most effective ways to play the latest AAA titles on Mac when it becomes available for gamers this coming March.

Access to the Nvidia GeForce Now service has already been scheduled for March in the United States only, followed by the full commercial service in spring. Gamers can now sign up for the early access waiting list on the Nvidia website.

Unfortunately, it's still unclear whether Nvidia is hosting its gaming service in its own data centers or on another cloud computing platform like the Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

High-performance PC gaming anywhere

The Nvidia GeForce NOW provides a simple and more effective way for new gamers who didn't have access to a high-performance gaming machine to experience high-performance PC gaming for the first time.

The cloud gaming service will provide new gamers more freedom to enjoy high-performance PC gaming anywhere. It also makes PC gaming much easier than it's ever been by having a fully automated driver's updates and patches.

Overall, the new Nvidia GeForce Now service means only one thing for the gamers, they no longer need a powerful or high-performance gaming PC to play the most demanding PC games in the market. The Nvidia GeForce Now service will allow them to play any games and anywhere.

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