LG Shows Off SJ Soundbar Series At CES: Series Get Dolby Atmos, High-Resolution Audio

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LG has definitely made the buzz at CES this week as it showcased its expanded 2017 audio lineup. Audiophiles were offered Dolby Atmos sound bar and impressive party speakers, which also appeals to casual listeners looking for portability and versatility.

The newest LG audio devices implement emerging technologies in order to maximize synergy with LG's premium TVs and broaden customers' choices of where to take their favorite music, LG Newsroom reported. In can be noted that LG has been one of the first companies to adopt Chromecast , then Google Cast in its speakers and soundbars, however, the past line-up left no room for improvement specifically without firmware updates.

This year LG made sure that its lineup would be compatible with other Chromecast devices and Google Home, Android Police reported. Its new SJ9 sound bar harnesses the power of Dolby Atmos technology. The source added that it gives a cinema-like audio experience and 3D rendering of objects and sounds space with its multiple front facing speakers and two up firing ones that envelops the room as much as possible with sound.

SJP8, on the other hand, have no Dolby Atmos and offered a more streamlined look with its slim 38mm profile and a "TV Perfect Fit Kit" that replaces the TV stand from any LG 2017 model with the sound bar. Both soundbars have 4K high-resolution audio, high quality lossless audio files, upsampling of low bitrate files to 24-bit/192kHz, 4K pass-through to get picture and sound from Ultra HD Blu-Ray players and a built-in Chromecast.

Since it is a Chromecast, reports claimed that it should have grouping and multi-room support work with Google Home and other Chromecasts. LG SJ7 also showcases versatility with its powerful 320W sound bar that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the listener's desire.

For party-goers and music makers, LG dished out LOUDR sound systems each pack powerful audio capabilities to create the perfect party atmosphere, LG Newsroom added. It offers LOUDR CJ98 capable of generating 3,500W of powerful sound and LOUDR OJ98, which is stylish all-in-one speaker system designed to boost party atmosphere.

Other LG audio system being unveiled is FJ7, which is designed to maximize portability with 4000W high output sound without distortion. Reports added that LG's new audio products in CES, demonstrates LG's commitment to offering diverse range of audio products that are perfect for any place and any occasion.

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