Kuri Home Robot: An Intelligent Home Robot Ready To Be Part Of Your Family [Video]


Those dreaming of owning a personal home robot don't have to travel to Taiwan to bring home an ASUS Zenbo. Software and robotics company Mayfield Robotics is bring robots closer to your doorstep with its Kuri Home Robot.

Kuri's design is a result of extensive research Mayfield Robotics conducted. Kuri, a 20-inch companion robot, is capable of answering questions with a human-like touch. It can also play audio, read stories to children and can watch over one's home with its 1080p camera. Kuri was designed to address three issues: mobility, awareness and personality.

In a press release, Sarah Osentoski, COO and co-founder of Mayfield Robotics revealed how serious they are in creating a companion robot as seen in the Kuri's hardware. Aside from its 1080p camera, the robot is made up of the following specs and capabilities:

  •  A 4-microphone array, powerful dual speakers, and wifi + Bluetooth connectivity so he can play music, read bedtime stories to the kids or follow you around playing podcasts while getting ready for work.
  •  Various sensors for mapping and detecting edges and objects so he knows where he is and so you don't have to worry about him bumping into the chair or driving downstairs.
  •  Easily programmable tasks and IFTTT capabilities to connect within modern smart home.
  •  Hours of battery life and when It's time to refuel, he simply returns himself to the charging dock for a quick charging nap.

A Kuri home robot can be setup and controlled by an iOS or Android smartphone. It has a built-in LED that changes colors depending on his mood. According to Chris Matthews, Mayfield's vice president of marketing, Kuri doesn't feel like a robot in a traditional sense. It connects to people in a different way than normal tech does. It's very much about what people feel, Digital Trends reported.


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