Microsoft Windows 10 Game Mode Turns PC Into Real Gaming Machine, Windows 10 Creators Update Coming This April


Redmond-based Microsoft has described its latest Windows 10 OS as an 'operating system as a service' that said to receive ongoing updates to its basic functionality and features. The latest OS continues to receive new features and updates, which include a few number of new elements such as the option to use a touch-optimized interface and more recently for the enhanced gaming experience, a Game Mode.

According to Windows Central, Game Mode is coming to Windows 10 along with the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is set to be released this coming April.

The software company has been working hard on a brand new "Game Mode" feature for Windows 10 that will enhance the PC gaming experience by minimizing resources used by running game. 

The Game Mode feature was first spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat in the recently leaked Windows 10 Build 14997. However, at that time the Game Mode feature isn't working yet, so the feature doesn't draw too much attention and buzz in the IT circle.

Fortunately, Microsoft is bringing this new feature to life along with the upcoming Windows 10 Creator Update this coming Spring.

Game Mode for Windows 10 to turn PC into real gaming machine

Some IT experts described Microsoft's Game Mode for Windows 10 as a method for allocating resources to prioritize games when they are running, and we expect this to ship with the Creators Update this Spring. This new feature works similarly to how Xbox One handles running a game, where it allocate enough computing resources to make sure the game is running smoothly.

Currently, Windows 10 hasn't had any built-in option for this kind of processing that benefits the games directly, but this will be changed with the upcoming Creators Update.

Game Mode to enhance PC gaming experience
Game Mode, as what the company said earlier, is a feature that streamlines variations between Xbox One and PCs, making sure that Windows 10 systems will be able to run games to the standards set by the Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

According to Microsoft, the target standards set for those gaming consoles are the 900p to 1080p resolution for Xbox One and 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for the new Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio.

The new Windows 10 feature will help improve gaming performance by increasing the allocation of resources such as CPU, GPU and memory. 

Windows 10 Creators Update
Meanwhile, the company is currently busy finalizing things for the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is slated for expected this coming April 2017.

In addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is also working on the next big Windows update, whose codename is 'Redstone 3'. The next update, according to MS Power User, will bring a broad range of new features for the Windows 10 operating system.

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