'Dark Souls 4' Still In The Dark In 2017; Nintendo Switch 'Bloodborne 2' & 'Demon's Souls 2' May Come This Year, Sources Say


There are some few signs of life for the gaming world this year. Upcoming action RPG "Bloodborne 2," "Demon's Souls 2" and the much-awaited "Dark Souls 4" might be announced by From Software and may potentially be released this year.

Dark Souls 4 still dark on 2017 release date

From Software's action RPG "Dark Souls 3" reportedly has a sequel and fans have been speculating about the game. The game's developer has made a statement recently that it's working with three new games that might be launched in 2017. It has recently teased new projects and told Japanese site 4Gamers that it's working on some new titles.

As for "Dark Souls 4" release date, players are still doubting whether the much-awaited sequel Dark Souls 4 might be available this year because "Dark Souls 3" has just been released last year and the game is still going strong. Additionally, the developer is constantly updating the game with the last DLC Ashes of Ariandel being released just last year.

Meanwhile, there's a big chance that Dark Souls 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Reliable sources familiar with the situation revealed that From Software have managed to run "Dark Souls 3" on the upcoming game console Nintendo Switch, according to Let's Play Video Games.

However, according to sources, the developer still doesn't have plans yet to release the game to the upcoming console. From Software is said to be on "discussion table" whether the release of "Dark Souls 3" to Nintendo Switch will be good for the company.

Bloodborne 2 and Demon's Souls 2 will likely to release this year

According to The Express, From Software has dropped an interesting statement about the titles, hinting that one of their alleged projects might come out within this year. Bloodborne producers Teruyuki Toriyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa have also said that the developer is planning to launch a new game sometime in 2017. This might be one of the rumored From Software's titles.

"Demon's Souls 2" is the latest rumored project that From Software might be working. However, at this time, it still not clear on what are the games of From Software will be releasing this year because there are a lot of possibilities that might happen on the way. In addition, the developer still on the process of figuring out what to take first.

Another reason is that on "Bloodborne," which have been released approximately 2 years ago. Such scenario might validate the game to finally get a sequel in the form of "Bloodborne 2."

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