'Bleach' Manga News: Spin-off Novels Reveal New Details; Final Chapter Recapped [VIDEO]

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Fans of the acclaimed manga series "Bleach" will be surprised to find out the new details that have been circulating around regarding the spin-off novels of the franchise. Fans who are uncertain of what lies ahead in the franchise can look further as more details are being shared to them. With that, fans can also recap the events that transpired on the concluding chapters of the highly-renowned series.

It was recently reported that new details have emerged regarding the spin-off novels that are based on the acclaimed manga series "Bleach," Comicbook reported. After Tite Kubo ended the series, Shonen Jump has then assured its fans that two spin-off novels will be released sometime this year.

It was stated therein that the spin-off novels based off the "Bleach" manga series will follow right after its culmination and will focus on a few fan-favorite characters. Moreover, the source noted that the first spin-off novel of the "Bleach" manga series will highlight Renji and Rukia's wedding in the Soul Society.

It was reported that the spin-off novel for the "Bleach" manga series will be called "We Do knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU" and will be released and shipped to fans all over on Dec. 27 this year. As for the second one, it was said that it will be focusing on Shuhei Hisagi, where fans can see the Soul Reaper being sent on a quest to solve the mystery that Kaname Tosen has left behind.

The second spin-off novel of the "Bleach" manga series will have a more political tone by underscoring the four noble families of the franchise, the Soul King, Arrancars, and the Fullbringers.

For those who want a recap of the final chapter of the "Bleach Manga," they can read on further to check some spoilers ahead. It was noted by iDigital Times that the ending of the series saw Ywach's power being destroyed by a boy, who turned out to be Kazui Kurosaki which was depicted donning a shinigami cloak, as well.

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