Bristol Student Forced To Lose Weight after Getting Stuck In Lecture Seat

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Body toning is one of the prerequisites in preparation for first day of school for college-bound students because they are at a critical stage of self-assessment and identity development.

In a Brown University study, it was found that around 74.4 percent of the normal-weight women worried about their appearance and weight 'all the time' or 'frequently' and about 45 percent of the normal-weight men constantly thought about their body image.

Modern society constantly pressurizes students, especially females, to maintain a good shape as a negative body image often affects relationships with family and friends and creates problems with work or school.

A 20-year-old overweight Bristol student was forced to cut down on her calorie intake after suffering from an embarrassing moment on her very first day at university in September 2012. Since then, she has lot a lot of weight and is doing pretty well.

Megan Longdon, who was a size 24, got stuck in her seat during a class lecture school lecture at the University of the West of England (UWE). ) Longdon was forced to take help of her fellow students free herself.

Longdon piled up 17st 5lbs gorging on junk food, chocolates and crisps. This incident forced the aspiring lawyer to slash her calories intake and start afresh. In her first week of diet plan, Longdon lost an astounding 12lbs and now weighs around 9st 5lbs.

"I had a huge weight loss in my first week, I lost 12.5lbs so that really helped to motivate me," Longdon said.

Recollecting the embarrassing moment, Longdon, currently a second year law student from Kingswood, said, "It happened right at the end of the lecture, when I had to get up to leave. It made me feel embarrassed, I had to wait for everyone to leave, and I even had to have people climb over me to get out. These were potential new friends it was so, so embarrassing," Bristol Post reports..

"People were a bit confused as to what I was doing and the fact I was telling them to climb over me, I didn't know anyone so it was really embarrassing," Longdon said.

As a result of being overweight, Longdon refrained from socialising and making friends during her first year at university.

 "I stopped going to university for weeks after it happened I was so embarrassed, I missed out on making all my friends and a lot of work, it was awful," Longdon said.

But switching to the new diet that includes salads, fruit and a decent breakfast, boosted Longdon's confidence and helped engage in activities she never took up due to her weight.

"I also horse ride again now. I used to ride when I was younger but when I started putting on weight I stopped. It's so good to finally get back to 'normal' again. I feel a lot better, I can wear dresses and skirts now which is amazing, before I just wore a lot of baggy tops."

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