Nintendo Switch Picks Up Valuable Lessons From Nintendo Wii U Mistakes


The Nintendo Switch event is approaching and while most people are excited to get a hold of the upcoming console, some are wondering if the console will be satisfactory for its users. But the true meat of the console lies not in its expected performance. Rather, it also shows how the Japanese gaming giant has learned from its Wii U mistake.

One report suggested that the Nintendo Switch will be successful than the Nintendo Wii U and that Nintendo has learned some valuable lessons that it now uses for the Switch. What has Nintendo learned so far?

Below are the five areas in which Wii U stumbled that the Nintendo Switch is picking up (or may have picked up) to become successful:

1. Consumers' knowledge of the product

It is essentially important to let everyone know who the target market is. Unlike with the Wii U, Nintendo has been very vocal about the upcoming Nintendo game console and for whom it was made. Also, it is clear how it is different from other game consoles like Xbox One and PS4, WWG reported.

2. Appeal to mobile and console gaming market

Nintendo Switch has been appealing to both mobile and console gaming markets, a step the Wii U only attempted to pursue. The Nintendo Switch is doing it the right way and has upped the ante by creating a mass appeal because it can be used both ways.

3. Power gap becoming less important

For casual gamers who is the main target market for the Nintendo Switch, the power gap is not something that players will notice and care about. So, even if the quality is a little bit questionable to others, most people would still see it beautiful.

4. More third party publishers are excited

With NVIDIA and Nintendo's partnership, developers' questions will be answered right away unlike with the time when the Wii U was released where developers will have to wait a bit longer for the answers to their questions. Now, NVIDIA can directly help local developers.

5. Nintendo Switch is more simple

Unlike the Wii U where players will need a controller tablet, the Switch can go as it is. That's just simple. A TV is not even needed.

Meanwhile, there's another good news to keep the excitement going. A known video game critic, Laura Dale turned to Twitter to announce that the "Mother 3" will be coming to Switch probably in the second quarter of 2017 and the detail will be announced at the Nintendo Switch event.

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