Tech Trends 2017: Smartphones Predicted To Dominate 2017


New technology trends are expected to rise this 2017 -- from home technology to AI -- but which technology will dominate the year 2017? Check out the technology predictions for 2017.

Smartphones will dominate 2017

Just before 2016 ended, we've seen the stunning features of smartphones expected to hit the market shelves this 2017. According to the MIT Technology Review, among the highly-anticipated smartphones are:

 1. Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come out with three size options where one is sporting an OLED display.

 2. Samsung Galaxy S8

The new model is expected to revive the company's reputation after being tarnished by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy.

 3. Foldable Samsung Phone

Samsung has been reportedly working on a new design for Samsung smartphone products, a foldable smartphone and this year seems to be the right year to release it.

4. Microsoft Surface Phone

Recent reports regarding its features prove that this mobile phone is indeed the "ultimate mobile device."

This year, however, is a year not just for smartphones. artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are also expected to be among the dominant topics this 2017. Besides AI and automation, smart watches, AR and VR headsets and 3D printing technology are also predicted to be big stories this year.

AI and Automation

Automation is now becoming widely popular together with the rise of AI and chatbots and it will get better than before. Customer services has been using automation but expect this year will be using the automated services more. The automation may be a big help at work but this may also remove people from their work, Digital Trends reported.

 3D Printing

3D printing has been around for years but due to its price, only few can have the chance to get a hand on the 3D printer but this year, change is expected. So, we may expect more and more people will be able to buy a 3D printer.

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