Donald Trump and Bill Gates Value Education [Video]


Donald Trump and Bill Gates are both pro-education. This common shared interest sounds very well for the new administration.

When the president-elect and Microsoft CEO met at Trump Tower last week, Bill Gates informed reporters that the two conversed about innovation and on how it can help health and education, according to a commentary in Washington Times.

Most news articles have focused on the surface features. A meeting was set in Trump Tower with billionaires meeting each other for the first time. However, the billionaires are not into money. They were into innovation and on what it results to.

Bill Gates Stand Regarding Education

Bill Gates' mission is to seek ways to make better schools and better teachers.He reiterated the significance of state budgets. He believes that if politicians make the wrong decision, education will not be financed properly, according to ABC News.

Gates has observed that many states are cutting education because of budget deficits. Education is no longer the states' top priority. He said that American should care about state budgets as these are significant for children and the future of these children.

His plan of action is to identify, develop, and reward teachers who are excellent in the field, according to Non Profit QuarterlyGates believes that the key factor is helping teachers become more effective. He finds it necessary to manage teacher performance. He had an ongoing project which is called The Foundation's Measures of Effective Teaching Project. This project that was launched in 2009 identified the elements of effective teaching. As of 2015, many states utilized this research to develop the meaning of excellence in teaching.

This research produced an innovation that trained observers and coaches. These trained personnel provide feedback to teachers. However, Gates was not able to win everyone in this endeavor.

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