Nvidia Quadro P6000 Solution Outperforms Titan X In Gaming Benchmarks; Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Fully Utilizing GP102 Core - Best Graphics Card [REPORT]


The Nvidia Quadro P6000 was tested in various workstation-specific and even in gaming benchmarks, easily outpacing the mighty Titan X. This could mean that Nvidia may have the best graphics card to date by giving the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with a full GP102 core, then it could be the very first 4K capable of running games at 60 FPS.

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 graphics card and its lower variant, the Quadro P5000 were unveiled during the SIGGRAPH 2016 as the only Pascal-based graphic cards of Nvidia. The Quadro P6000 is offered for workstation and professional use, but has been tested in both workstation-specific and gaming benchmarks.

Nvidia Quadro P6000: Flagship Quadro Solution

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 utilizes in full the GP102 GPU, yielding a configuration of 3,840 CUDA cores as against Titan X's 3,584 cores. It is clocked at 1.417 MHz with a boost to 1,530 MHz, clock speeds that produce a rated compute output of 12 FLOPS, which is above the single precision performance on the Tesla 100.

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 has the highest capacity in the Pascal architecture with 24GB of GDDR5X VRAM and a memory clock running at 9.0 GB/s alongside a 384-bit bus. Its total memory bandwidth is around 432 GB/s using the GDDR5X standard, an impressive performance according to Wccftech.

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 does not have the double precision hardware like the Tesla, which is compute-intensive, allowing it to produce single and half precision performance with higher clock speeds under a lower TDP. Its TDP is at 250W, which is below the 300W on the Tesla 100.

Nvidia Quadro P6000 in Workstation-Specific Benchmarks

HotHardware tested the Nvidia Quadro P6000 in workstation-specific benchmarks and it discovered that it has easily outpaced the GeForce GTX Titan X, producing a score of 8,698 as against Titan X's 8,175. The main difference between the two cards is that Titan X utilizes a scaled-down variant of the GP102, while P6000 utilizes it in full.

Nvidia Quadro P6000 in Hitman 2016

The NVidia Quadro P6000 was tested in Hitman 2016, a graphics intensive game running it easily at 60 FPS. The Titan X's average FPS is at 58.39 against P6000's 68.37 FPS.

Geforce GTX 1080 Ti

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 benchmark results reveal that Nvidia could launch the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti utilizing in full the GP102 core instead of a cut-down variant. In so doing, the 1080 Ti could be the first 4K graphics card able to run at 60 FPS, according to Forbes.

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