Twitter Launches 360-Degree Live Streaming Through Periscope [Video]


Twitter steps up as it gets into live video by launching 360-degree live streams through Periscope.

Twitter and Periscope users can watch 360-degree live video. However, not all members can go live in 360 through Periscope, as announced in the company website. Only select partners can live stream for now; however, Twitter will soon popularize the tool to all users as live streaming is the new trend on other social media platforms like Facebook.

With the challenges met by Twitter this 2016, it seeks ways to find new products for its future for 2017. Twitter was speculated to be acquired by another company. However, the talks did not push through. The company then has started finding ways to grow and has added new products and features.

There is a possibility that live streamers need to plug a camera into the bottom of a phone before recording and broadcasting the video.

Twitter Updates Apps

Twitter updated its Android and iOS apps early this month. This update was rolled out so users can launch a live video even without a Periscope app. Periscope is speculated to overshadow Vine App, as reported by Android Authority.

Twitter's Transition Into A Media Company

Twitter's move into featuring 360-degree live streaming is in support of its plan to shift from a social media platform into a media compay. With Anthony Noto acting as Twitter's COO and CFO, Twitter's premium video deals are at the forefront, as reported by Buzz Feed.

It is considered to be a strategic move for Twitter to move into media especially when Facebook is transitioning itself to be mainstream media. The real-time nature of Twitter allows it to be a great channel in broadcasting news by others.

Twitter is making a great move into a media platform with 360-degree live stream tool.

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