ARM Processor Could Beat Intel Processors


Over the years, there has been a tight competition in the processors market. Initially, AMD had tried competing with Intel and failed. Then, there's Qualcomm trying to compete with Intel, the question now is, will Microsoft and Qualcomm's decision to put Windows in its ARM processor be able to beat Intel?

The challenge is tough but recent events may suggest it's possible to beat Intel this time and that Windows on ARM processor could succeed after the partnership of Qualcomm and Microsoft has been sealed.

Intel surely isn't the pushover and its recent business moves prove this after coming up with a low-powered chip that could deliver power efficiency like what Qualcomm did. This move is supposed to challenge the benefits ARM processors offer but then there are some factors that could prove ARM processors can beat Intel processors, according to CNET:

1. Qualcomm chips will be used in the upcoming smartphones and tablets because of its ability to extend battery life even if the device is being used for internet connection.

2. With Windows on ARM, it is now possible to run desktop apps on the Windows phone which was initially available on Android and Apple.

3. With Qualcomm chipset's capability to extend battery life even when connected to the internet, VR and AR are turning to ARM processors so to make the VR and AR a standalone headset as the full charge of the device can last for few hours.

4. Cellular data on laptop is now possible as the Windows on ARM fully supports eSIM card technology, Yahoo reported.

5. The ARM processors might be fast enough as compared to Intel chips inside Apple's MacBook Air as proven in the Apple's iPhone 7 where Apple used ARM chip and the processor that Microsoft is apparently going to use is even more powerful.

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