Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News: The Ultimate Laptop With Above Average Specs [Video]


Microsoft never fail to amaze everyone with their great innovations when it comes to computers and laptops. Besides, the company has been known for creating computing machines with great specs and features. The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5, could once again prove that Microsoft is doing great.

It's been a year since Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 4, but is still competitive in the market. It is proof that Microsoft did a great job and everyone is expecting the Surface Pro 5 to rock the tablet industry.

According to Mashable, being Microsoft's flagship brand, the company will expand the surface brand in 2017.

The plans of Microsoft for 2017 will start with the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and with the latest deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm which may mean that the upcoming tablet will sun on Snapdragon processor. Contrary to the initial reports that the flagship brand will run Intel Kaby. Anyway, Snapdragon processor is best battery life and support on LTE for cellular data connectivity.

There were also reports that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have above-average specs as it will run the latest ARM processor-run Windows 10 and will also have Surface pen as well as improved keyboard accessory.

Reports also suggest that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will support eSIM technology. According to Yahoo, Microsoft has partnered with a global mobile provider, Transatel to sell the eSIM packages at the Microsoft stores as revealed by a reliable source. The eSIM is beneficial for everyone as it standardizes SIM cards in mobile devices so, consumers will have the freedom to choose a data provider. Another benefit is for those who usually travel abroad, with the unified eSIM, user will no longer have to buy another SIM card in their country of destination, Yahoo reported.

The great features and specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will make its name "ultimate laptop" worthy.

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