Apple Will Charge Up To $69 Replace Lost Or Broken Airpod Or Charging Case [Video]


Earlier this month, the Apple AirPods went on sale for $159 a pop and reportedly being shipped in limited quantities. However, what happens when you have a defective product or you lost one or the case in the course of use?

As soon as the pricey AirPods were unveiled, people were already hot in their discussion, including coming up with viral memes on the myriad of ways users can lose them, or accidentally swallowing them. It is fortunate that any of the lost, swallowed or malfunctioning pieces can be replaced; however, it is going to cost you.

No AppleCare+ for AirPods

According to MacRumors, Apple is not offering AppleCare+ for the new AirPods; instead, the product receives a one-year warranty that is available at the onset for all Apple products and devices. It is safe to assume that in the course of that year, and your AirPods need servicing, all service will be free.

However, in the event you lose one of the components, Apple will replace the missing component for a fee, regardless if said AirPods are still covered by warranty. After the lapse of the warranty period, if your AirPod needs replacing due to a loss in battery capacity, Apple will charge $49 for battery service, both for the AirPod or its charging case. However, lost or out-of-warranty items will be charged $69, both for a lost AirPod or charging case.

How to replace your AirPod

If for some reason, you do need a replacement for any of the Airpod components there are two options at your disposal. You can go to either an Apple Store or the third party retailer where you bought your AirPod. The retailers will more than likely replace a missing AirPod only if they are still covered by warranty and they have stocks available.

If the retailer will not honor your warranty, the best option is to go to an Apple Store and have your missing or defective AirPod component replaced. If you live near an Apple Store, you can also contact Apple Support who will determine if your defective product is eligible for replacement after you give them the product's serial number.

Apple will ship the replacement to the store of your choosing for pick-up and you just have to mail the defective item to Apple within 10 days of receiving your replacement.

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