Facebook Challenges 2017: Tall Mountains Social Media Giant Need To Climb


The year 2016 for Facebook is filled with so much controversy though their revenues are strongly growing and being considered one of the largest company. Now that the year 2016 is coming to an end, it seems that the struggle will continue for the social media giant. Below are insights on Facebook challenges 2017.

How to Keep Growing

Facebook is already a large company and so one of the tough challenges they have to face is how they would keep it growing or make it stable as other social media continue to rise. Facebook is not just in competition with other companies but will also compete with itself.

Problems with Video-ad

Despite its promising future and Facebook showing interest in using all video in the next five years, the company still hasn't introduced video-ad due to some problems that analysts say it is like a bubble waiting to pop. According to Fortune, there is no one to watch the pre-rolled and mid-rolled ads and is hard to justify when the video clip is only few seconds long and is hard to insert video ads in live streaming.

Pricing Pressure on Video-ads

The fact that Facebook is not the only entity eyeing video advertisement as YouTube had also shown interest in growing and expanding through video-ad means more demand in supply thus will make prices go higher.

Tight Competition with Snapchat

Despite the constant updates and launching of new features to Facebook's Instagram, Snapchat remains a big threat to Facebook as it undoubtedly captured the attention of many social media users mostly young ones.

Public Relations Battle

The upcoming movie "The Circle" starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson may trigger discussions on ethics and intentions of the technology companies as the movie portrays a dark tech dystopia.

Despite this big challenges bound to plague Facebook in 2017, analysts are confident that the young company will be able to overcome them as it is just part of growing and maturing as a company, NewsFactor reported.

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