‘Overwatch’ News And Update: Blizzard Suprises 'Overwatch’ Players With Big Plans For 2017 [Video]


Blizzard never fails to show their "Overwatch" players how grateful they are for them and the holiday season is just the perfect time for them to give their loyal players a sweet treat.

The holiday gifts came as a surprise to "Overwatch" players after a Christmas message was seen in the player base together with five holiday loot boxes after logging in to their account. The Christmas message shows how grateful Blizzard is to their players for making "Overwatch" one of the favorite games of the year. The message says that they are thankful for the support, passion and enthusiasm shown by the loyal fans and player of the favorite Blizzard game.

Note to all "Overwatch" players, the loot boxes don't have expiration dates and can be unlocked anytime. However, the items inside the loot boxes vary depending from one account to another so the only way to know what's inside the box is to have it unlocked, Latin Post reported. There were some players who reportedly receive legendary skins and new Yeti skin of Winston while other received new skins for McCree, Lucio, Reaper, Torbjörn, Pharah, Roadhog and Sombra.

The year 2016 went well to "Overwatch" and so it is only right to expect something better from Blizzard in 2017. There have been reports about Blizzard's big plans for the game in 2017 which include additional heroes, new map and of course, a better server which is mostly requested by gamers. Jeff Kaplan, game director said that they are already working on the server browser and he is hopeful that the solid version 1.0 will be up and running early 2017 with plans to expand in the future, Eurogamer reported.

Blizzard has started working on the new characters but did not reveal much about the upcoming heroes for the "Overwatch" in 2017, however, expect to see Doomfist first as revealed by Kaplan.

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