AMD Polaris 12 GPU: Benchmark Result Shows the Possibility of Having Budget-Friendly Gaming Laptops in 2017 [VIDEO]


They say there's no better GPU than the Polaris based RX 470 and RX 480 which have become the best over the test of time. However, the architecture that blown out its rival is having a refined version called Polaris 12 which recently pass the RRA Certification. Will RX 490 for 4K and virtual reality flagship follow suit and released in 2017? Find out the truth here!

RX 490 GPU Will Not Use AMD Polaris 12  

The hype for the most powerful GPU RX 490 has already started, however, in contradict to the rumored information, the said GPU will not use the AMD Polaris 12 architecture. According to The Country Caller, based on the result shown by the Ashes of Singularity Benchmark of the two Polaris 12 based GPUs with ID 699F and 6980, the next Polaris-based graphics card will not be as powerful as what they thought of.

Furthermore, the benchmark result marks the death of any speculations that the flagship AMD RX 490 will use the Polaris 12. For this reason, it is therefore concluded that Polaris 12 will be used for gaming laptops that will come in an affordable price because gaming desktop and PCs comes with a higher cost.

AMD Polaris 12 Receives RRA Certification

Just recently, the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea has given certification to AMD Polaris 12 after passing the silicon test before they hit the market for average consumers alongside Vega 10. According to Segment Next, while Polaris is considered as having the most efficient and powerful lineup of GPUs, AMD offers a more refined architecture with Polaris 12.

The Polaris -based and Vega-based GPU are said to be having a certification numbers MSIP-REM-ATI-102-C90603 and SIP-REM-ATI-102-D04001, respectively. According to some reports, the Polaris 12 and Vega 10 are said to be used in the mid-range RX 470 and the entry-level RX 460, respectively which are slated to be released in 2017. 

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