Tesla 2017: Tesla Software Update Comes With Holiday-Themed Surprises, Enhanced Autopilot & Major Things Expected To Come Next Year


Tesla's latest firmware update comes with more than just bug fixes, but also an awesome Christmas-themed big surprises, which can be enabled by entering a special code. Tesla is said to get even bigger next year, as the company announced numerous project developments for next year.

Tesla Has An Awesome Christmas Season

According to Engadget, Tesla Model X owners can activate a secret light show that transforms the Tesla SUV into a four-wheeled disco ball by entering a special code. Activating this feature is quite easy, simply press the Tesla icon at the top of the screen for 5 seconds and then enter the secret word "Holiday" on the passcode screen.

Once completed, the Tesla Model X puts on a special Christmas-themed performance, complete with flashing lights, synthesized music and choreographed wing doors. Both Tesla Model X and Model S owners can also try the other holiday-related feature, by entering the word "Mars" into the navigation's destination zip code field. The passcode will replace the local map destination with one from the surface of the Red Planet Mars, but of course, this feature will not take the driver to Mars.

Tesla 2017

No doubt 2016 is a big year for the company, but the upcoming 2017 will be even bigger. Here are the major things that are expected to come from Tesla next year. 

Enhanced Supercharger Network

Tesla supercharger is about to get much bigger next year, according to Electrek. Tesla is said to expand and double the total number of its Supercharger network, extending its reach across the globe. The idea is to make Tesla's vast networks of Superchargers as the de facto standard for long-distance trips. 

Enhanced Autopilot

Tesla is reportedly working on a more advanced version of Autopilot, which will make its self-driven cars safer than human-driven cars. Autopilot update was mostly done through software updates, but in 2016, Tesla began to push the envelope on hardware. Expect Tesla to get even clever next year, as the company continues to double down on its Autopilot technology.

Tesla Production Expansion

 Tesla plans to produce 500,000 electric vehicles by the year 2020. To increase its current production, the company has set up the massive Gigafactory facilities in Nevada desert. The massive Gigafactory is scheduled to start production by next year. It's expected to achieve full production capacity by the year 2018.

Tesla Ride-Sharing Plans

Competing with Uber will be the company's next big target for next year. The company has already announced plans to create a fleet of self-driven vehicles that can be used for ride sharing, but in a more advanced way. Here, Tesla vehicles will be driven autonomously.

Plan For Tesla Model Y

Tesla is rumored to unveil an electric crossover sedan, which built on the same platform as the company's mass-market vehicle, Tesla Model 3. Tesla is said to be in advanced stages of development.

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