'GTA 5' News & Update: New Game Mode Juggernaut Introduced, Snowball Fights Return, More Holiday DLC Announced


Rockstar Games has just updated its "GTA 5" Online recently with Import/Export DLC, and also started its Festive Surprise holiday event in "GTA 5" Online. But Rockstar Games are not yet finished, it still adding more on the game, including a new game mode and a new car.

GTA 5 Festine Surprise Holiday Event Arrived

According to GameRant, Rockstar Games has already started the Festine Surprise holiday event in the "GTA 5" Online, thus making sure that the players feel the Christmas-y vibe in the game. This is the fourth times that Festine Surprise holiday event has returned to "GTA 5" Online, and it brings along with it new clothing items and a new car. Additionally, items from previous "GTA 5 Online" event will also make a return. These items are now available at in-game stores. Also making a return, snowball fights are back.

As for the other Festive Surprise items, according to iDigital Times, a new car is currently available for purchase from Benny's stock. Players are also told to keep a close eye on Benny's stock throughout the holidays for more surprise updates.

GTA 5 Online Snow Update Made The Game Even Better

GameRant has reported that a new game mode in "GTA 5" Online has also been released. Juggernaut is an "all-out brawl for dominance", where two players suiting up with a chaingun and heavy armor to become a behemoth. The goal is to kill the enemy while protection their own resources, much like playing a chess.

However, there are some plenty of rules on board, if either team can't kill the enemy Juggernaut in the given time, a sudden death rule comes in full effect and everyone becomes a Juggernaut. From here, starts a no hold barred game and the first kill gets the win.

Players who play the new Juggernaut game mode are said to earn doubled RP and GTA$ through Jan 1.

As for new cars, holiday-themed content has already arrived in the form of a custom version of the Pfister Comet. Players can find the vehicle at Benny's Original Motor Works.

Rockstar Games has also added that there will also gifts were given out from "GTA 5" Online, however, as Rockstar said earlier players who log in from Dec. 23, 24 and 26 will get the Fireworks Launcher, free T-shirt, and 10 rockets.

Finally, Rockstar Games has announced a bonus for select criminal activities, starting from Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 only. These will include almost 50 percent more GTA$ on all Vehicle Export, on all Biker Business Sales, and on all Special Cargo Deliveries.

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