ASUS Launches Zenbo Home Robot, A Must-Have Household Assistant; Pre-orders Starting $620 [Video]


ASUS, Taiwan-based computer hardware and electronics company, has finally launched a must-have household assistant, the ASUS Zenbo that is now available for pre-order in Taiwan. Check out what this robot can for every family it will serve.

Zenbo Robot as Home Care Assistant

Often described as cute by pundits, the robot can provide important reminders -- medication schedule of household members on their medications, doctors' appointments and exercise schedule. This feature of the Zenbo Robot is mostly important among elderly family members according to Daily Mail. The robot's presence enusres that anyone can watch over their loved ones from a distance by activating the camera and remotely control the Zenbo through the smartphone and it will notify family members if emergency situations arise.

Perfect Companion for Children

The Zenbo robot is capable of entertaining kids by playing simple games and story-telling. It can also play the kids' favorite songs and dance with the music .

Basic Features of the Zenbo Robot

The Zenbo robot has the ability to roam aroud the house for surveillance through a remote-control and control TV and stream the content. The robot is also incorporated with fall detection and sends alert to the ZenWatch 3. The robot can also be a family photographer, a kitchen helper who alerts the household member when the food is getting burnt.

The Zenbo Robot is created with sensors around its body to be able to avoid collision or fall and its camera can help the robot recognize face and objects. The touchscreen also help users to interact with the robot that can understand voice commands.

Starting Jan. 1, the Zenbo robot will be available for pre-order in Taiwan starting from $620. It will take a while to bring the robot in other countries but it is always easy to fly to Taiwan to pickup the cute robots. So, if planning to buy this home robot in Taiwan, make sure to reserve a plane ticket for the Zenbo robot to bring it to the US, Engadget reported.

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