'Mass Effect: Andromeda' : BioWare Confirms Release On Xbox One Ahead Of The Planned Global Release Date, But No Plans For Nintendo Switch, Project Scorpio, And VR Version


BioWare's third person shooter game "Mass Effect Andromeda" is making some buzz on the net. The upcoming action role-playing third person shooter game is about to hit the Xbox One before the planned worldwide release next year.

According to Neurogadget, BioWare's role-playing third person shooter game will be available on Microsoft's Xbox One gaming consoles, whic is big news for Microsoft console owners. They will get the first taste of the game before anyone else. Fans would be happy when they find out that they can try it even before buying the full game.

BioWare Is Still Working And Improving Mass Effect: Andromeda 

GameRant has reported that BioWare is still trying to figure out how to balance the size of planets in "Mass Effect: Andromeda." According to GameRant, BioWare is currently focusing on how they can improve the game by making sure that nothing will go wrong once it goes mainstream. However, BioWare producer Michael Gamble declines to comment further what the updates will be.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" is slated for release during the first quarter 2017. It will be available on virtually all gaming platforms in the market, including PC, PS4, and Xbox one. The game will have an early release date compared to the other highly anticipated video games in 2017, which means BioWare's upcoming third-person shooter game may have an early lead against the rest of the 2017 top video games.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Coming to Nintendo Switch

Horror adventure "Resident Evil 7" has been rumored to have a virtual reality version, "Mass Effect Andromeda" may also take the same route, according to the latest rumors. However, the rumors were debunked by BioWare as Gamble claimed that there is no current plan for VR version of the game.

In addition, Gamble has also declined reports that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The speculation was only fueled by the fact that Andromeda and the Nintendo console have the same release date, which is on March of 2017. Gamble also refused to comment further about the availability of the BioWare game for Microsoft's upcoming next-gen gaming console Xbox Project Scorpio.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is slated for release in early 2017, according to BioWare.

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