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‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Updates: More Episodes Coming In January, Cartoon Network Schedule Bared; Hiatus Prompted By Low Ratings [Report]


"Steven Universe" season 4 is confirmed to return to Cartoon Network with more new episodes starting on January 30, 2017. Season hiatus decided by showrunner Rebecca Sugar as previous release suffered low ratings brought about by competition with other shows.

"Steven Universe" season 4 has been rumored to be cancelled following the erratic releases of episodes during the last few months. However, Cartoon Network just bared the schedule for new episodes that will again move forward the story from previous episode's back story of Steven and his father.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 New Episodes

Cartoon Network just confirmed the new episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4, which will be released one after another, seemingly to make up for lost time. There will be five new episodes that will be shown in just a week's time.

The "Steven Universe" season 4 two-part episode titled "Steven's Dream" and "Adventures in Light and Distortion" will be shown on Jan. 30. This will be followed by "Gem Heist" on Jan. 31, "The Zoo" on Feb. 1, and "That Will Be All" on Feb. 2 according to Gizmodo.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 Hiatus Explained

Showrunner Sugar explains the need for a hiatus, which was a decision made after the last episode did not do well in ratings as the earlier episode according to Vinereport. "Steven Universe" season 4 episode 8 "Gem Harvest" only got 1.38 million viewers while episode 9 "Three Gems and A Baby" had only 1.28 million, a difference of almost 100,000 viewers who failed to watch the latest episode.

Moreover, Sugar explained that December releases will face stiffer competition and may even be lost among holiday-themed shows, prompting the delay of the release of "Steven Universe" season 4 new episodes until January 2017. Nonetheless, fans will have a week-long treat of watching the new adventures of Steven as he come to terms with his Gem and human sides, Enstarz has learned.

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