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Future Bright For Tesla Model 3 After Tesla Ranked Number 1 In Consumer Survey


Customer satisfaction plays a big role for a company to become successful. In a recent consumer survey, Tesla consumers are among the most satisfied in 2016 and the result may have opened better opportunities for the Tesla Model 3.

With Tesla's exemplary consumer satisfaction rating, it is safe to predict the likely trend for the upcoming Tesla Model 3.  The survey was conducted by Consumer Reports, which focused on the how satisfied consumers were when they purchased a specific model and brand, and if they have future plans to purchase another model of the same brand at a future date. 

Customer satisfaction was determined by number of people surveyed who answered yes.  The survey then took the average satisfaction score for each of the brand models. The survey shows that 91 percent of consumers are willing or more likely to buy another Tesla automobile in the future.  

The result is proof that Tesla is taking strides to improve their products before delivering them to their customers. The company can also be expected to ensure that its Tesla Model 3 will not have any issues once it has been launched.     

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to boost the Autopilot capability with an acceleration capacity of up to 60 miles per hour in 60 seconds. However, note that the Autopilot capability, such as self-parking and lane switching, will have additional costs that consumers will shoulder although the autopilot is a standard in all Tesla cars according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Business Insider reported.

After the Tesla Model 3, there is no stopping Tesla when it comes to innovation regarding its new vehicles. There are new reports that Tesla is plans to build three new vehicles: an electric semi truck, a self-driving bus and an electric SUV which is speculated to be called Model Y. 

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