'Dark Souls 3': PC Games Best Game Of 2016; From Software Reportedly Working The Nintendo Switch Version [Video]


"Dark Souls 3" may not be as good as the original "Dark Souls" but it managed to do better than the first version in some ways and was loved by many players. It is even considered by PC Games as the best game for 2016.

"Dark Souls 3" is the result of the improvements made on "Dark Souls 2" and some refinements of the original version of the game in which more weapons were added, customisation included, plus additional armour, spells and tactics. The game and combat mechanics of the third instalment have gained much praise from critics, more than its predecessors DLC and "Bloodborne." With the plausible features of the "Dark Souls 3," it's no wonder the game was considered as one of the finest games this year.

Today, at the PC Games N Awards, they will pick the best games of 2016 with "Dark Souls 3" among top picks along with other games such as:

  •  Forza Horizon 2
  •  Titanfall 2
  •  Civilization VI
  •  Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  •  Inside
  •  Doom
  •  Overwatch
  •  Banner Saga 2
  •  The Division
  •  Hitman
  •  Rise of the Tomb Raider
  •  XCOM 2
  •  Homeworld: Desserts of Kharak
  •  The Witness
  •  Oxenfree
  •  Darkest Dungeon
  •  That Dragon, Cancer

Better tune in to the game awards to know which among those listed will be awarded the finest game of 2016.

Meanwhile, there were reports suggesting that From Software is currently working on the Nintendo Switch version of "Dark Souls 3." The speculation came out after seeing the logo of From Software in the list of third-party publishers who are going to support the Nintendo Switch. In addition, From Software is just waiting for the official release of the Switch before they fully commit to creating the title for the upcoming console, VG 24/7 reported.

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