'Overwatch' News & Update: Blizzard Confirms New Heroes, New Maps, New Game Modes, New Server Browser & Custom Communication Coming On 'Overwatch 2017'


After a successful "Overwatch" debut this year, Blizzard is about to get "Overwatch" even bigger next year. Blizzard is said to be readying new maps, improved character balance, and potentially more exciting in the coming months.

What Next At Overwatch 2017?

According to, Blizzard has finally revealed some early plans for "Overwatch" next year, and it's awesome. In Blizzard's Year in Review video, "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan looked back on the game's first eight months and talked about what players can expect from the first-person shooter game next year. The newly teased "Overwatch" video offers a glimpse of what Blizzard has been preparing for "Overwatch" this coming 2017.

Overwatch 2017: New Heroes Coming

Mic reported that "Overwatch" will have a busy 2017 game, with new heroes along with new maps, new game modes, and even a custom server browser slated to arrive by next year.It's been rumored for some time, but Kaplan says that new heroes will arrive on "Overwatch 2017."

However, Kaplan explained that they intend to work on more content than they actually release, as sometimes prototype stuff fail or they need to go back to the drawing table. In short, not all heroes might actually make it to the game, some will be cut off the ground.

To illustrate that point, game director Kaplan made some interesting insight into the troubled development of the game's resident ninja Genji. He even goes deeper into detail, explaining the development process.

According to Kaplan, "Overwatch" team has worked on Genji for nearly a year, trying new iterations before adding him to the game. It took the "Overwatch" team about a year because they couldn't release Genji until they got everything right and working.

Overwatch 2017: New Maps

According to Wired, the first new piece of content players can expect from "Overwatch 2017" is the new Oasis map. Blizzard first teased the new Oasis map at Blizzcon 2016 last November. The new map, which still in beta testing, is set to arrive in early next year.

Overwatch 2017: Custom Communication & Game Server Browser

According to Polygon, players will also be able to enjoy a custom game server browser next year. The custom game server will allow players to create custom games and make them public. It's one of the most requested features in the "Overwatch 2017," Kaplan said. Also coming on board, communication wheel will receive a big overhaul next year.

Overwatch Gets Trouble In Russia

In other "Overwatch" story, Overwatch's comic series is currently unavailable in Russia due to some homophobic issues, according to

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