DJay Pro Update: Launches On The iPhone


After one year on the Apple, iPad, DJay Pro recently launched a version for the iPhone. The mobile phone version features the ability to mix four tracks at the same time, being able to control video alongside those same tracks and to get started with no problem.

DJay Pro is meant for people who want to use the app to provide music at clubs and parties, according to The Verge. They would need it to add additional tracks and visuals to their arsenal. It would be a great idea so that party goers would enjoy even more.

DJay Pro also includes the ability to add more cue points on each track compared to what users were able to do in Djay 2. It also supports 3D Touch commands and haptic feedback which makes it a DJ's dream come true. The best part about it is that it has much deeper Spotify integration, meaning it has the ability to select streaming quality for the songs.

DJay Pro, according to 9to5Mac, is a version created speficially for the iPhone 7. It takes advantage of Apple's Taptic Engine in order to let the user feel the music as they are mixing it. The app interface is also very easy-to-use with both portrait and landscape versions. There is also plenty of customization to create a wonderful DJ environment on a small iPhone screen.

DJay Pro gives instant access to over 20 million songs which is a lot for a mobile app. For DJs who can't figure out which songs to mix, it also gives cloud-based song recommendations. This wonderful app also includes wonderful features such as instant access to BPM and key information through the cloud, on-the-fly playlist export and song saving and title & image overlays.

Check out this video about the DJay Pro and be amazed with how you can create wonderful music:

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