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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Trailer Sneak Peek; New Season Has Four Additional Episodes [REPORT]


Last Thursday, Dec. 15, Adult Swim has officially released on its website its first exclusive animatic sneak peek for "Rick and Morty" Season 3. The two-minute video was filled with in between live stream of the show's development meeting with guest "Clarence" writer Spencer Rothbell.

The details for the release date of the adult comedy film are yet to be announced. However, in a recent discussion the series could be aired without officially announcing it to the fans. The video released unveiled by Adult Swim shows exciting scenes that Morty fans should be happy about. It is speculated that the new season might come out in March 2017, as per Den of Geek.

Creator Dan Harmon also revealed that "Rick and Morty" Season 3 would be longer by 4 episodes compared to the previous seasons. Instead of the usual 10 episodes per season, the third outing would have 14 episodes total, Cinema Blend reported.

"Rick and Morty" Season 3 teaser video opened with Morty listening to Jessica talking to her friends about dating. Upon knowing that Jessica is single and has been considering someone in the past, Morty attempts to butt into the conversation. About to drop his words, Rick arrived from nowhere and snagged him away for an emergency.

Rick needs his help and that they need to set off on a new adventure on another planet. Pissed about missing that moment to talk to Jessica, Morty exclaimed that they've been going non-stop and that it is no longer healthy for his teenage life.

Moreover in a ship, Rick and Morty are in space being chased by enemies. Morty cried about what happened and says that he can't do it anymore in which Rick agreed. Lucky enough to survive the ruthless chase, the race seems to be a heroic act as Rick and Morty were cheered on by a crowd

The first official sneak peek is already out and there's certainly more coming soon.

Spoilers for the Season 3's first episode have already made a buzz. The first episode might pick up to where Season 2 has ended wherein Rick turned himself in to the Galactic Federation facility, speculations has it that Rick will be able to escape prison, iTech Post reported.

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