Blizzard Finally Reveals Overwatch’s LGBT Characters


Blizzard teased that some of its Overwatch characters are LGBT. One big reveal is how Tracer appeared with her girlfriend Emily in Tuesday's holiday comic release.

The Deal With Tracer

Tracer is a significant character used for Blizzard's branding of Overwatch, and making her queer only shows how far the developer has gone when it comes to representation, CNET reported. The feisty Londoner is a fan favorite and is typically the face of Overwatch.

In Blizzard's digital comic issue no. 10 called "reflections," the developer made a coming out story with a sweet kiss between Tracer and her partner after a last-minute shopping for the holidays, Tech Crunch reported.

Just earlier in the year, Tracer was involved in the controversial "buttgate" issue. Some fans complained that one of her poses was unnecessarily sexualizing her. Blizzard decided to change the certain pose before release. Blizzard has promised earlier that they would soon reveal which among the characters was LGBT, and now their move with tracer is an advantage to the company.

Overwatch's LGBT Characters

Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu recalled what they hae said before that it is important for them to have inclusiveness and diversity in all forms, which includes the LGBT. Overwatch characters are very popular for fans that look to romantically pair them with other previous characters. Some of these pairing are LGBT relationships, including Hanzo and McCree, Mercy and Pharah, and the popular Tracer and Widowmaker.  

Overwatch players love how Blizzard puts in much resources to creating a lot of free and high-quality companionship content in the franchise. Tracer's story on being LGBT is just one of the examples on how good Blizzard is when it comes to creating Lore. This is important when maintaining character-driven games, which is Blizzard's specialty. Now, it seems like Blizzard is on its way to turning Overwatch League the next big esport phenomenon. 

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