Nyeeam Hudson: The Most Motivational Kid in America [Video]


Nyeeam Hudson, pronounced: NYE-eem is the most inspirational kid in the U.S. today. The New Jersey native rose to fame when his cellphone video went viral.

The boy made the video in reaction to other kids teasing him for not having fancy snickers. Forbes reported Nyeeam told the other child those shoes won't matter in 20 years, what's more important is inside the mind: the wisdom, knowledge and power to inspire others. Nyeeam was 10 at the time.

A member of the FP YouthOutCry Foundation and the H.U.B.B. Community Empowerment Center, Nyeeam uses his public speaking skills to uplift other children. He also posts videos on Instagram delivering wise advice for a kid his age.

Forbes asked what it would take to achieve greatness. The boy gave such a profound answer you wouldn't believe a child said it. Nyeeam said to be great you have to keep working on yourself everyday. He likened it to building a lego masterpiece wherein you need to have all the pieces and keep trying to fit them together. He said that in order to achieve greatness, we should keep working and not get discouraged.

The young motivational speaker also encourages everyone to be brave and to not be afraid of failure because it will get you closer to success. He said that we should learn from our mistakes and at the same time also learn from the mistakes of others.

Finally, he shares this advise to people who are beginning to feel hopeless and get discouraged: first, enjoy your life and appreciate every moment you have including the troubles; then to celebrate achievement no matter how small one think it is because someone else is may be praying for the exact same thing that you have; finally, we should help other people saying that we need to give others the opportunity so that other opportunities can come to us.

Huffington Post reports that Nyeeam who lives with his father, is currently working to raise $10,000 through GoFundMe so that he can publish his first book, produce an audio version of it, build a website and travel to read and share the his book to other students.

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