YCT's Upcoming 'Illegal Immigrant Game' Receives Censure from Campus Community


The Young Conservatives of Texas' (YCT) University of Texas (UT) chapter is facing heaving criticism from the campus community for its upcoming event 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game'.  

The game requires UT students to catch club members walking with 'Illegal Immigrant' labels on their clothing and turn them in at the Young Conservatives' recruiting table for a $25 reward.

On the group's Facebook page, the organizers say that the main aim of the event is to discuss the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on our everyday lives.

"As Americans, we should always visualize our Statue of Liberty and remember that our country was built on the strength of immigration. Our nation continues to grapple with difficult questions surrounding immigration. I ask YCT to be part of that discussion but to find more productive and respectful ways to do so that do not demean their fellow students," UT President Bill Powers said in a statement.

Dr. Gregory J. Vincent, Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement said that the planned event is the second offensive act by the conservative student group in three months. In September the group held a bake sale where food was sold to customers based on gender and race to emphasize their opposition to affirmative action policies.

"[O]nce again in trying to be provocative, the YCT is contributing to an environment of exclusion and disrespect among our students, faculty and staff by sending the message that certain students do not belong on our campus," Vincent said in the statement. "Some UT Austin students are undocumented, and under Dream Act legislation signed into law in 2001, these students are entitled to attend state universities."

Dr. Vincent further said that if the event is conducted, participants will violate the school's honor code and humiliate campus culture. He said the school doesn't mean to restrain free speech, but students participating in the event would be exercising their freedom of speech at the expense of others.

Despite attracting criticism, the group has not made any attempts to cancel the event yet. Disciplinary actions that could be imposed on the organizers and participants remain unclear.

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