Apple 2017 Device Predictions: What To Expect From Apple Next Year [Video]


The year 2016 is undeniably full of controversies when it comes to technology especially in the smartphone industry. While some manufaturers opted to recall their products, Apple remains strong despite some unexpected issues with their smartphones that were fixed by patches. 

With 2016 ending and 2017 right before our doorstep, will Apple keep its lead and stay on track? Certainly, Apple will not let all their efforts be put to waste and will come up with better devices for their ever loyal consumers. Check out the following predictions fpr some of Apple's products for the year 2017.

Apple iPhone

The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Apple's iPhone products. Pundits believe that Apple will rock the world of smartphones. There is no doubt that iPhone products remain in the top tier of consumer choice despite the tight competition in the mobile phone industry thanks to Apple's performance and quality. In 2017, it has been predicted that Apple will surely come up with new innovation and new design for the Apple iPhone. This may hold true as there have been reports about the OLED display on the upcoming iPhone product, ComputerWorld reported.

Apple Augmented Reality

With the recent popularity of the Virtual Reality (VR), many people expect Apple to create their own version of VR and are waiting for the announcement. However, it seems like, Apple will not push for VR. Based on the recent public comments of the Cupertino based company, they are more focused on the Augmented Reality, Talking New Media reported. So, despite the fact that Apple hasn't officially announced their plan for the AR, many people had already predicted its possible existence in 2017.

 Apple IoT Devices

There is a big future for Apple's IoT devices in 2017. The use of the W1 chipset in the recent AirPods has paved way for the Iot devices and the prediction regarding the possibility of Apple releasing a home theater system.

Now, if these predictions would come true in 2017, fans can expect more exciting devices from Apple.

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