Nintendo Switch News And Update: Expected Specs Revealed; Nintendo Expected To Keep Up With Xbox And PlayStation This Time


While fans are waiting for the official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch in January, the specs of the much-awaited Nintendo Switch has just been revealed.

Nintendo Switch Specs

Multiple sources just revealed that the Nintendo Switch is more powerful than expected, that the Switch will run its GPU at different clock speeds. However, expect that the Switch will be powered by an older version of NVIDIA, the Tegra 1, quite the reason for disappointment to some waiting fans. Nintendo Switch may miss out some small features that the latest Tegra 2 can perform.

There have been previous speculations that Nintendo Switch will be powered by NVIDIA's Tegra X2 for better performance which is what gamers are looking forward to.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to run its GPU at 768 MHz when docked and when used as portable, the Switch will run the GPU at 307.2 MHz so expect some changes in the performance depending on how the console is used. Another reason for disappointment is that Nintendo seems to ignore the GPU clock speed. Digital Foundry had already received the final specifications which will be showcased during the official release of the console in March 2017.

Having a varying performance on the Nintendo Switch, will the console be able to beat Xbox and PlayStation? Eurogamer had already pointed out that Nintendo Switch can beat Wii U in terms of graphics due to its 720-pixel resolution when used as portable and 1080-pixel when docked. However, in terms of power and performance, Nintendo Switch will not be able to beat Xbox and PlayStation.

However, as there seems to be some anomalies in the compatibility of the leaked specs of the Nintendo Switch, it is safe to assume that the full specs aren't revealed yet. There were so inconsistencies in the details like that of the use of NVIDIA's Tegra 1. The Tegra 1 is HDMI 2.0 capable but the presence of video output with HDMI 1.4 seems irrelevant. The only way to verify the specs is to wait till the official announcement in Jan. 13, 2017.

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