‘Left 4 Dead 3’ Leaks, Rumors, News & Update: Sequel new characters and game storyline revealed, Release Date Likely To Come Next Year [Rumors]


The popular zombie survival "Left 4 Dead 3" is about to make a strong comeback, according to the latest rumors swirling around the web. There have been leaked information about the next installment, suggesting that the sequel is slated to launch next year.

According to Trusted Review, "Left 4 Dead 3" will be the third installment in the Valve Corporation's cooperative first-person shooter survival game, and once again pitting players against an army of zombies.

If those leaks are to believe, the launch of the next installment of the zombie survival game will happen before the end of this year. Unfortunately, the developer, Valve Corporation, has not given any statement about the sequel, so it is predicted to happen most likely in 2017.

According to DigitalSpy, the rumored sequel to the zombie survival game is said to follow the four-character format as seen in the previous installment of the game, which includes three male and one female character.

There's also some rumors that come out recently, suggesting that the characters that are included in the game's story are Garret Junior, the famous Kenpo fighter; Keenan, the comic book herd; Katherine, the only female character, and Irvin, the black gangster.

According to Valve, the game's storyline will be set after the catastrophic zombie outbreak, but much earlier than the zombie outbreak event in "Left 4 Dead 2." Additionally, the upcoming game is said to be enabled for different gaming platforms, which include Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

In addition to the storyline, the very popular backpack system of "Left 4 Dead 3" is also rumored to get some changes. This might include some limitations to what the characters can carry. This might be done, according to rumors, to force users to come up with a much better strategy and have that a gameplay succeeds in every mission.

"Left 4 Dead" is a zombie survival games series developed by Valve Corporation. The game takes place in the days following a pandemic outbreak of a viral strain that transforms humans into zombie-like feral creatures. It follows the survival adventures of four characters attempting to reach safe place while fending off the attacking hordes of zombies.

For now, there still no official statement about its release date, as Valve decided to remain silent on this story.

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